We charge a $49.95 per quarter hour for residential plumbing service and repair work in our neighborhood. That's it.

No travel charge, no "show up fees", no "fuel charges", no minimum,  no extra charges of any kind.

Queen Anne, Magnolia and Ballard is our neighborhood. Our shop is located behind Fisherman's Terminal near the Ballard Bridge.


Plumber Cost in Seattle - Queen Anne Magnolia Ballard

Why have we kept such a low cost for small jobs for so many years?

It is simple... It keeps the riff-raff "plumbing technicians" out of our neighborhood. We live here and want you to call us first. It is that simple.

Can you get a firm price on your repair?

Yes, as soon as we can diagnose the problem.


 Call Evan  at 206 793-8303 to discuss your plumbing or heating issue - its FREE

Our normal working hours are  Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

  • We have the lowest show-up rate in town - FREE in Magnolia Queen Anne and Ballard.
  • We are a family owned shop and all our plumbers and heat technicians are very good at doing their job.
  • If you have any questions please call the shop and talk to Evan.

Travel charges apply outside our base service area.

Space/Water Heating Equipment Technician rates are different: $125 1st 1/4 hour then $49.95 per 1/4 hr. therafter