Bradford White Water Heaters

Bradford-White is the most common brand of water heater in Seattle. It is well supported here by the manufacturer.

Bradford White water heaters provides a wide variety of both natural and LP gas-powered water heaters for residential & commercial use. Their water heaters will provide years of dependable service and are made to give you more hot water for the money. They are one of the best supported water heater manufacturers in Puget Sound.

We like this water heater heater line as more parts are available here than most brands, they have brass drains and heat traps installed in the factory.

Atmospheric Vent Models

These water heaters are atmospherically vented and are available in a number of different models. From the High Performance Series, which provides an incredible amount of hot water delivery while taking up as little space as possible, to the extra recovery models, which provide an increased amount of hot water at warmer temperature in less time, these water heaters are high quality and perfect for any home.

  • Extra Recovery Atmospheric Vent Models

  • Defender Safety Series

  • High Input Atmospheric Vent Models

  • Manufactured Home Atmospheric Vent Models

  • High Efficiency Models

Power Vent Models

The TTW1, TTW2 and High Efficiency TTW water heaters available from Bradford White are power vented and have some of the highest efficiency ratings of any on the market. The residential Ultra High Efficiency Models boast a 95% efficiency rating, and they comply with all of the strictest air quality requirements thanks to their low NOx burner. These models come in a wide range of different varieties, either for commercial or residential use, and they all have their own strengths.

  • Ultra High Efficiency Models

  • High Performance TTX Power Vent

  • Defender Safety System TTW1 Power Vent

  • Defender Safety Safety System and Non-Defender TTW2 Power Vent

  • Defender Safety System High EF TTW Power Vented Models

  • TTW Extra Recovery Power Vented High EF

Power Direct Vent Models

If you’re looking to save energy, these gas water heaters are perfect for your New Jersey home. They use the Bradford White ICON System, and intelligent gas control with spark to pilot ignition that can eliminate the cost of constantly burning a pilot. Along with saving gas, this feature offers enhanced performance and advanced temperature control. Foam insulation surrounds the tank surface, which prevents it from losing heat and saves energy.

Direct Vent Models

Direct Vent models include the Bradford White ICON System, closed combustion, and reinforced seals. They’re also almost maintenance free, since the event piping and closed combustion chambers with reinforced seals don’t require regular cleaning under normal operating conditions.

Defender Safety Systems

Defender Safety System models of water heaters will qualify for Energy Star EF requirements, and they’re eligible for most rebate programs.

High Input Energy Saver Models

High Input models are available as with Atmospheric Vent Models and Defender Safety Power Direct Vent Models. This means that, when necessary, the water heater will be able to heat water more quickly.

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