1. Anybody performing plumbing work in Washington State must have a license in their pocket by law.

2. It is estimated that 80% of all plumbing done in Seattle is performed by the unlicensed

3. Most residential service shops advertising plumbing services use unlicensed "plumbers".

4. Rooter Companies cloud the issue intentionally by referring to the guy sent to your home as as  a"plumbing technician".

5. Anybody can clean a drain, but drain cleaner "technicians" can not perform plumbing work legally.

6. Many websites advertising plumbing services have no licenses, or contractor bonds or insurance.

7. There is little to no enforcement of plumber licensing laws in relation to Internet advertising and websites

8. Most service plumbing is performed by salesmen working on commission (with or without a plumber license).

9. Contract or "flat rate" pricing for small service repairs is almost certainly much higher than if an hourly rate was charged.

10. When consumers get defrauded by con men masquarding as legitimate plumbers. they seldom file fraud complaints with the Attorney General or the police. This is why there are so many scams - nobody is complaining to the agencies that can make a difference.